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    棗、山楂加工生產線 Jujube and hawthorn ... production line


    Jujube and hawthorn processing production line


    Shanghai Benyou Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in deep processing production line of jujube and hawthorn. From project design, equipment manufacturing to installation and commissioning and personnel training, we provide complete turnkey project for customers. The jujube and hawthorn processing production line of Shanghai Benyou Machinery Co., Ltd. has two mature processes of extraction and beating, which can meet the different processing requirements of jujube and hawthorn. The continuous precooking and vacuum extraction technology independently developed by our company is at the leading level at home and abroad, and has been well received by customers.



    Configuration features

    1. 原料使用范圍廣,此生產線適用于性狀類似于棗和山楂的水果,干棗、鮮棗均可;

    Wide range of raw materials, this production line is suitable for the fruit similar to jujube and hawthorn, dry jujube and fresh jujube;

    2. 生產線有浸提和打漿兩種工藝可供選擇;

    The production line has two processes: extraction and beating;

    3. 根據客戶不同的投資額度和產品定位,客戶可以根據自身的要求配置普通、中端或者高端產品;

    According to different investment amount and product positioning of customers, customers can configure ordinary, middle end or high-end products according to their own requirements;

    4. 最終產品風味純正、色澤鮮亮、原料綜合利用率高;

    The final product has pure flavor, bright color and high comprehensive utilization rate of raw materials;

    5. 整線自動化程度高,勞動強度低,操作簡便,性能可靠,運轉成本低;

    The whole line has high degree of automation, low labor intensity, simple operation, reliable performance and low operation cost;

    6. 整條生產線均采用衛生型設計,清洗徹底,衛生程度高。

    The whole production line adopts sanitary design, with thorough cleaning and high hygiene level.


    technical parameter


    All kinds of raw materials: hawthorn, jujube


    Final products: NFC, concentrated juice, clear juice, turbid juice, jujube juice, hawthorn juice, preserved fruit, etc


    Capacity: 20 t / D - 400 t / D


    Fruit juice yield: ≥ 90%


    Solid content: 7 ~ 11brix


    Product packaging: aseptic big bag / glass bottle / PET bottle / roof bag / Tetra Pak, etc

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